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How Do a Debit and a Credit Fall in Love? The Matching Principle in Accounting

If you’ve ever sent an invoice to someone who planned to pay later, you’re probably using accrual accounting. It can be hard to keep track of finances when you’ve accrued payables and liabilities. But, using the matching principle can help you stay organized. The matching principle in accounting states that you must report expenses in […]

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What Is the FLSA?

When you become an employer, you can’t always play by your own rules. There are certain federal, as well as state and local, standards you must follow. The FLSA is one set of federal regulations you need to know about and comply with. What is the FLSA?

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What Is Bonus Pay?

When you first start your business and hire employees, you might be worried about how you’ll make payroll each pay period. But once your business is firmly planted, you might be able to give more money to your employees. One thing you might want to offer employees is bonus pay.

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FSA Dependent Care Helps Employees Help Their Loved Ones

Thinking about offering additional benefits to your employees? A dependent care FSA can help employees with the expense of caring for their dependents while also reducing their tax liability. Employers can also reap plenty of benefits from offering FSA dependent care, including increased employee engagement and reduced stress. Read on to learn more about who’s […]

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